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Taking a Venn Approach

A humorous look at the intersections and insanity of craft beer.

Video Tip: Yeast Selection for Superior Ales

Keep it simple, keep it clean, and get a microscope. Here Dirk Hillegass of All Sevens shares his advice on choosing and handling yeast for clean, consistent ales.

Beer Bars We Love in Detroit, San Antonio, and Indianapolis

In each issue our Love Handles department visits three great beer bars. Here where we went for our June/July issue.

Best Beer Experiences in Northern Virginia: What's Brewing in the ’Burbs?

Northern Virginia: Overshadowed by the nation's capital, this budding beer scene is a thirst-slaking reason to get off the beaten path.

Anatomy of a Colonial-Era Pumpkin Ale

Popular legend holds that colonists brewed ales with pumpkins, even if the evidence is scanty. But if they did, what would they have been like? Frank Clark, food historian and brewer at Colonial Williamsburg, walks us through his highly educated guess.

Recipe: Kleinesbier Light Altbier

As summer turns to autumn, here is Josh Weikert's recipe for a slimmed-down, session-strength, but still full-flavored Altbier.

Editors’ Picks: Weizenbock

Leave understatement to the lagers. These big, estery wheats celebrate the fine flavors of rich fermentation.

Podcast Episode 101: Off Color Brewing's John Laffler: Turn Down the Volume, Focus on the Harmony

Laffler has a reputation for strong opinions, and in true form he pulls no punches in this episode with honest, bombastic takes on brewing philosophy and techniques.

New Nano-Brewhouse Promises Power and Efficiency

Milwaukee-based Spike Brewing debuts the Spike Nano, a turnkey brewing system.

Video Tip: Choosing Hops for Quality and Consistency

Repeatability is key. Here Dirk Hillegass of All Sevens offers advice on how to choose the right hops for superior ales.