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Anatomy of a Colonial-Era Pumpkin Ale

Popular legend holds that colonists brewed ales with pumpkins, even if the evidence is scanty. But if they did, what would they have been like? Frank Clark, food historian and brewer at Colonial Williamsburg, walks us through his highly educated guess.

Hop Harvest Hootenannies

Anywhere they pick lots of hops, they also throw a shindig. Plan your travel schedule accordingly. Don't worry: They'll have beer.

Meet Belgium’s New Lambic Brewers

Real lambic takes time. It laughs at hasty plans. Until recently there were only eight lambic brewers in the Senne Valley. Discover the two newest brewers taking on a very old tradition.

Exploring the Most Brewery Rich Region in the World

Decoction mashing and patient lagering remain the norm across Upper Franconia, as they do in nearby Czechia—the two places in the world most famed for their attractive, flavorful lagers. Our correspondent takes a deep dive into the region.

Warped Tripel Recipe

Choose your twist(s) on this Westmalle Tripel-inspired beer.

Belgian Beer: You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Joe Stange offers 5 tips for (correctly) making Belgian-style beer.

The Ales of Apostates: When Abbey Beers Get Weird

Is nothing sacred? Certainly abbey beers aren’t. Not even in Belgium.

Practical Parti-Gyle Brewing

Parti-gyle brewing (brewing multiple worts from a single mash) is still vital for brewers such as London’s Fuller’s Brewery. Homebrewer and writer Joe Stange paid them a visit to learn how homebrewers can add it to their arsenal.

No-Math Parti-Gyle Old Ale, IPA, and ESB Recipe

From simplest recipe to myriad outcomes, flexible parti-gyle style.

Postmoderne Belgian-Style Blond Recipe

Try your hand at a Belgian-inspired beer.